DRE Referrals

DRE Referrals

What is a referral associate?

The Referral Associate is a licensed agent who earns income by “referring” or “connecting” a personal contact or qualified lead to another sales agent at DeSatnick Real Estate or an out-of-area cooperating brokerage.  The Referral Associate earns commission and is paid a “referral fee” whenever the contact they referred buys and/or sells a home.  The Referral Associate earns commission by helping another agent “connect the dots.” The Referral Associate does not list or sell property.

Why should you become a Referral Associate?

Simple way to earn additional income:

  • You choose the amount of work you would like to do.
  • You can refer people anywhere in the country.
  • No Realtor or Multiple Listing Service fees.
  • No continuing education requirement.

Who should become a Referral Associate?

  • You have a license and are not active in sales.
  • You are phasing out of a full-time real estate career and would like to remain connected with DeSatnick Real Estate to allow our team to service your past and future sale clients.
  • You would like to become active in sales in the future but are currently focused on another career.
  • You have a great network of friends and family.
  • Your employment is part-time or seasonal.

How do you become a Referral associate?

To become a Referral Associate, you need a real estate license and an affiliation with DRE Referrals, LLC.  If you already have a license, this is an alternate use for it. If you are not yet a licensed real estate agent, you will need to complete real estate school and pass the State exam.

New to Real Estate or already have a real estate license?

  • We need a Contact form on website page **

Benefits of becoming a referral associate

General Benefits:

  • No time commitments
  • Ability to refer prospects nation-wide
  • Minimal expense
    • Nominal membership fee
    • No Realtor or Multiple Listing Service Fees

Here are benefits specific to DeSatnick Real Estate Associates:

  • Large network of qualified, full-time agents who are connected to the community.
  • Broker managers in each office overseeing agent performance.
  • Latest technology giving clients best experience in the industry.

DeSatnick Real Estate Referral Associates Must Know:

  • A Referral Associate is not permitted to complete any business such as showings, contract prep, etc.
  • A Referral Associate has the option of sending a referral to DRE Referrals and selecting the agent of their choice or having a managing broker select an agent to represent the client.  
  • An agent who would like to reinstate a Salesperson/Broker Salesperson license would be required to become up to date with continuing education requirements.  The State charges $75 for a license change to referral status.  

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