Connor Eckel


Connor Eckel – a Salesperson, Brand Strategist, and Media Specialist, whose journey originates in the heart of West Cape May, a place woven into his family's history. Raised amidst the charm of this region, Connor's roots run deep.

A unique blend of talents defines Connor – his expertise not only in sales but also in marketing and media creation. However, it's his passion for photography that truly paints his daily life. As an integral member of the DeSatnick team, Connor wields his photography skills to capture all of the team events, sale and rental listings, and videos for social media.

Beyond the realms of work, Connor finds solace in the embrace of Cape May's beauty, often accompanied by his girlfriend, Abigail. They explore the nooks and crannies of the area and love to try new places to eat.

Summer jobs and island living have sculpted Connor's profound understanding of Cape May and its pulse. This intimacy, combined with his remarkable people skills, positions him perfectly to cater to your real estate aspirations. Whether it's finding that cozy cottage tucked away in the town's folds or a beachside property to soak in the ocean's whispers, Connor's insights and abilities turn your needs into reality.

With a heart deeply connected to the land he calls home, he stands not only as a capable professional but also as a guide, a friend, and a true advocate for all your real estate endeavors.


Connor Eckel
SALESPERSON | Media Specialist
(C): 609.741.9661
(O): 609.884.1300