Rian Krauss


Rian Krauss, Salesperson

Rian, a graduate of West Chester University holding a bachelor’s degree in marketing, proudly operates as the Marketing Director at deSatnick Real Estate. Rian’s roots trace her back to Cape May, New Jersey where she was nurtured and shaped. Rian’s journey embodies a blend of academic achievement, familial heritage, and a vibrant passion for sports and outdoor pursuits. The corridors of her childhood were intertwined with the food and beverage industry, as her family curated a local restaurant in Wildwood Crest for over three decades. This experience imprinted a strong work ethic and deep understanding of customer dynamics onto Rian’s professional DNA. It’s this very foundation that lends an exceptional edge to her marketing insights, enabling her to connect with audiences on a profound level. As the youngest amongst her four siblings, she treasures moments spent with her husband, family members, leisurely days at the beach, and exploring the local waters by boat. Armed with exceptional communication prowess and unyielding determination, Rian approaches challenges with an indomitable spirit, steering her path with unwavering focus until each targeted goal is triumphantly attainted. Ready to make your dream home a reality?


Rian Krauss
Salesperson | Marketing Director
(C): 609.827.1184
(O): 609.884.1300