Brooke Clary

Brooke is an extremely dedicated and hard-working person. Throughout her life she has worked in many areas of customer service and has excelled by always putting the client first. She comes from a family who has lived and thrived in Cape May County for multiple generations. Her lifelong commitment to the area has helped garner an appreciation for Cape May County and a local knowledge of the area that comes from living here for so many years. Growing up, she was given the opportunity to work in her family's businesses focusing on client satisfaction. She attended Culinary School and pursued a career as a pastry chef for 15 years. After getting married and having children, she decided to make a career change and become a licensed Real Estate Agent. Her experiences in the family businesses and as a pastry chef have helped her realize the importance of following the recipe, focusing on satisfaction, and making the client happy. In her down time, she enjoys spending time with her husband, Ryan, and their twin girls.


Brooke Clary
(C): 609.602.7258
(O): 609.551.4066